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In this card battle game, you can become one of the three Classes of Dragon Knights - Red, Blue and Green. Travel around an exciting world defeating enemies and recruiting Knights to build up your army. Strengthen your Followers by Enhancing and Evolving them. Acquire experience by engaging in Quests and fighting in different areas. Discover new areas by defeating Bosses, and gain new Knights, Treasures and other rewards at the same time!

Knight Legends is a majestic fantasy containing hundreds of beautifully designed character cards. Learn more about the world as you Quest and meet other players!

You can learn more about the game here, and gather information to help you progress in Knight Legends. Or you are more than welcomed to contribute to the Wiki.

We hope you will enjoy playing Knights Legends!

The World of the Knights[]

Legends speak of an age when Dragons and Men were one... a time of chaos when Knights of legends forged their destinies with the cold steel of their swords, ushering an age of peace through the flames of combat.

This peace, however, has faded with time and once again the world finds itself at the mercy of chaos. Darkness has enveloped the land and despair has taken hold of its people. As you embark on a journey to find the truth, the lingering shadow of betrayal lurks around every corner. Who are your allies? Who are your enemies? Who can you truly trust?

Even though alliances crumble and loyalties waver, an absolute certainty assures you - Your Followers; those who have sworn their swords... and their lives to you and your cause. As you draw your sword to face the encroaching darkness, you know they shall stand by you, their oaths steadfast, their loyalties unyielding and their faiths resolute. You shall… you will, find an end to this chaos...

For you are the Lord Knight of the Realm.

The Three Dragon Classes[]

You can become one of the three Classes of Dragon Knights.

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The Marks of the Dragons lie deep within your soul

Red Dragons - Brimming with energy

Blue Dragons - Mysterious and deadly

Green Dragons - Serene and wise

Knights to be unveiled soon![]