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Players are able to evolve your followers by combining two identical cards to make it more powerful. One cards are being used to evolve while the other are being used as material for the evolution.


When a follower evolves, the appearance of the follower becomes more extravagant and his or her Rank is raised! However after evolution, the follower's level will be reverted to level 1, but don't worry because it hasn't become weaker. The stats might seems to be lower but it has the potential to become much stronger than before!



During Evolution, the Evolve Knight inherits 5% of the Material Follower's attack & defense powers. You can use followers with maximum level to inherit higher attack and defense powers.

When the follower reaches Maximum level, there will be a 10% increase in both attack & defense power.

For each evolution, the follower's Rank will increase!

Rarity level.jpg

Furthermore, in the final evolution, your follower's rarity will increase!

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