Knight Legends Wiki


What is allies?

Allies are people/friends that you can add to help you in your boss fight in quest, trading and getting rewards.

Benefits of having allies

1) When you have successfully added an ally, 3 Stats Pts will be added to your balance. Furthermore, you can summon them to help you in fighting your quests boss.

2) Trading with your ally. You can exchange the Follower of your choice with another player's Follower(s), Gold or Treasure(s).

About Removing an ally

You can remove Allies. When you remove an Ally, if there undistributed Stats Pts, 3 pts will be deducted from your balance. If all Stats Pts have been distributed, 3 pts will be deducted from your Energy, ATK or DEF stats, whichever is highest. Think carefully before removing Allies!